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QALY - Human experts interpet your ECG (Apple Watch, Samsung, Kardia, Fitbit, and more)
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of Atrial Fibrillation patients

Clarity on irregular heartbeats within minutes

Apple Watch - Atrial Fibrillation
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Take an ECG from your device in 30 seconds

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QALY - Send your ECG from review
QALY  - ECG Interpretation, PVC, PAC, PQRST
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View your ECG review within minutes

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Take an ECG from your device in 30 seconds

Apple Watch - ECG feature
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Click a button in the app, easy

ReadMyECG - Send ECG for review
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View your ECG analysis within minutes

ReadMyECG - ECG interpretation, PVC, PAC, PQRST

Fast, always-available, human expertise

Yes, even at 4AM :)

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All ECGs are reviewed by trained cardiographic technicians. No robots here :)

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Get clarity on irregular heartbeats from personalized, human expert reviews.

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Track arrhythmias and palpitations like SVT, Afib, PVCs, PACs & more.

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Join 40K+ heart heroes signed-up with QALY

For 15 years, I lived my life thinking I had an anxiety disorder. I sent one of my ECGs to the QALY app, and I was really surprised the review said it looked like SVT. So, I took it to my cardiologist, and he said that I should get an ablation. If it wasn’t for this app, I would still believe that I had an anxiety disorder.


Read Marcie's story

I’ve been diagnosed with Afib, SVT, and PACs. I have a Kardia, and sending those strips to the doctor can take three or four days to hear back. So the fact that I could submit them to QALY, and a technician could get back to me a lot sooner was a sigh of relief.


Read Tenicia's story

It wasn’t until my first ECG review with QALY that I was able to catch some dysrhythmias. QALY gave me a whole breakdown on what they were. It’s been an amazing tool — almost like a piece of security or peace of mind.


Read Anna's story

QALY has taken the mystery out of reading my ECG strips. It has made me less anxious, and I’m not so fearful anymore. What I love about this app is that I can download the reviews and send them to my doctors — which I’ve done — and they’ve been very impressed with QALY technician reports.


Read Judy's story

QALY gives me peace of mind — to just have the knowledge that I can send in an ECG if I’m uncertain, and get an understanding of what’s going on with my heart.


Read Carsten's story
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Send ECGs from any watch or device

Truly, any device :)

Apple Watch catching Atrial Fibrillation
Withings watch ECG feature
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Apple Watch
  • Apple Watch Series 4
  • Apple Watch Series 5
  • Apple Watch Series 6
  • Apple Watch Series 7
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  • KardiaMobile Card
  • KardiaMobile
  • KardiaMobile 6L
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  • Withings Move ECG
  • Withings ScanWatch
  • Withings BPM Core
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  • Fitbit Sense
  • Fitbit Charge 5
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  • Galaxy Watch 3
  • Galaxy Watch 4
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All other ECGs
  • Upload PDFs of ECGs from any other at-home ECG device, like Wellue
Samsung Watch ECG featureSamsung Galaxy Watch - ECG feature
Fitbit watch catching Atrial Fibrillation

With the modern availability of at-home devices that can measure ECGs, it is now challenging for cardiologists to keep up with all of these readings. On QALY, trained ECG technicians read every ECG you submit.  If you want to learn what your ECG may be telling you, this is the place to start.

Dr. Marco Perez

Cardiac Electrophysiologist

Co-Founder, QALY

Macro Perez - Co-founder of ReadMyECG
QALY app, palpitations, irregular heartbeats, review ecg in minutes
Get Peace of mind

Are those irregular heartbeats or palpitations?

On QALY, cardiographic technicians monitor your ECGs for heart palpitations and arrhythmias like SVT, AFib, PVC, PAC, & more. Take an ECG, and get your review within minutes.

Unlock Insights

How do I interpret my smartwatch or Kardia ECG?

Learn about short or prolonged PR, QRS, and QTc intervals. Add notes on each ECG for even more personalized interpretations from QALY technicians.

QALY app, review ecg in minutes, smartwach ecg, Kardia ECG, ecg interpretation
Capture episodes

How is my heart health changing?

Take a watch ECG immediately when you're experiencing symptoms, and capture episodes. Get deep insights into changes in your heart health over time.

QALY app, ECG reviews, ecg reader, ecg interpreations

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kristen scarbrough

Thank you to my @qalyheart technician Cess! Health anxiety is so scary but you have been so kind and reassuring. Can’t thank you enough ❤️

Jodie Peasley
Google Play icon

Great app! Wonderful people to help you, friendly and efficient! Great peace of mind. Absolutely recommend. 💯

Great service !
By wwessels89

Great service and fast response. It’s a great safety net for someone who suffers with arrhythmias.

MAR 20 2020
QALY Member - photo
Shabina Harlow

Thank you to my @qalyheart technician Donnie.  I appreciated the prompt response.  👍🏽

Best subscription I have ever paid fo
By LucieGoodwin

I have paid for the premium service for the past month and I do not regret paying a single penny. The technicians are extremely down to earth, polite, sympathetic and reassuring when it comes to reviewing an ECG. I have always had my ECG a review back extremely quick and had a detailed description of the findings. Big thanks to Mary-Ann, Franz, Gladys and Peter John M. who have all been so kind when reviewing my ECG’s. Thanks! Lucie G

APR 10 2022
Selena Bluntzer
Google Play icon

I am impressed! I received a thorough review of 3 ECGs and the technician was so helpful and friendly in their reporting. I've felt more "heard" by this app's technician than in all the time I spent with other doctors. I will be following up with my doctor, though, and I greatly appreciate this app!


Thank you to my @qalyheart technician ♥️ for always giving me and others a piece of mind. The ECG readings helps keep me out of the ER for POTs.

Amazing response time!
by PreventiveCare

Very impressive app! It’s like I have a doctor traveling with me always!

MAR 18 2020

The ECG feature, paired with the @qalyheart app, is also fantastic. Super eager for this portion of the tech to advance.

QALY Member - photo
Rory Rowan
Google Play icon

Cheaper than Kardia and more detailed results of the EKG

Brian Griffin

Thank you to my @qalyheart technicians. Every one of you have been wonderful and I appreciate it more than you will ever know. You give us piece of mind, never guess results, and I love how you explain the results. Bless you all

Life changing and anxiety reducing
By jjc013

This app is a God send. It calms my anxiety and literally helped me sleep the night after my first review. It is reassuring and QUICK. I highly recommend it. THANK YOU!!!

MAR 18 2020
Surprisingly helpful app!
by L0G4N

Hi everyone, I rarely if ever leave app reviews but I felt the need to briefly comment on this app. I’ve been undergoing quite a bit of cardiology monitoring post COVID-19 infection and have found it helpful to capture an ECG reading on my Apple Watch when I’m having heart/chest issues. The Apple Watch health app is great but lacks detail. This is where I’ve found huge value in the QALY app! It provides immediate detail not found in the health app and then the true game changer.. technician review of your reading that givens ever more clarity around your data. While I know this app isn’t providing medical advice and you should seek professional medical care in an emergency, this app has helped provide me peace of mind and additional data to bring my cardiologist. Thanks, QALY.

APR 23 2022
QALY Member - photo

Thank you to my @qalyheart technician! I'd really recommend you to download this app if you have an apple watch and feeling mild heart discomfort, the results for me came in within 10 min.  Thanks Louie for the help!👍

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What can ReadMyECG experts interpret

Along with PR, QRS, and QTc values, ReadMyECG technicians look for 33 different types of heart rhythms

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in the QALY app?

Unlimited ECG interpretations by human experts within minutes.

• Ectopic heartbeats displayed directly on your ECGs (PAC and PVC palpitations).
• Expert-verified PR, QRS, and QTc intervals on every at-home ECG, including Apple Watch, Kardia, Samsung, Fitbit, and Withings.
• QALY interpretation reports, easily shareable with family and doctors.

Who are the experts reviewing ECGs on QALY?

Certified cardiographic technicians

They are professionals skilled in understanding heart rhythms. They excel at identifying irregularities like SVT, AFib, PVCs, PACs, and more. All our technicians, having successfully cleared the CCT exam by Cardiovascular Credentialing International, showcase enhanced competence. Now, they're attentively overseeing your at-home ECGs 24/7 on QALY.

What rhythms does the QALY app look for?

QALY technicians currently monitor for 33 different arrhythmias:

• Complete Heart Block
• Ventricular Tachycardia (sustained)
• Second Degree AV block Type 2
• Sinus Pause >3 seconds
• Ventricular Tachycardia (non-sustained)
• Sinus Pause <3 seconds
• Atrial Fibrillation
• Atrial Flutter
• Supraventricular Tachycardia (sustained)
• 2:1 AV Block
• Accelerated Idioventricular Rhythm
• Supraventricular Tachycardia (non-sustained)
• Wenckebach
• Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome
• Ventricular Bigeminy
• Ventricular Trigeminy
• Atrial Bigeminy
• Atrial Trigeminy
• Junctional Rhythm
• Premature Ventricular Contraction (couplet)
• Premature Atrial Contraction (couplet)
• Premature Ventricular Contraction (multiple)
• Premature Atrial Contraction (multiple)
• Premature Ventricular Contraction (single)
• Premature Junctional Contraction
• Ectopic Atrial Rhythm
• Premature Atrial Contraction (single)
• First Degree AV Block
• Sinus Tachycardia
• Sinus Bradycardia
• Sinus Arrhythmia
• Sinus Rhythm
• Paced Rhythm
• Low Voltage

How is QALY different from other apps?

QALY is the only app on the App Store and Play Store where human experts interpret each and every ECG you submit, within minutes.

With QALY, discover possible new cardiac arrhythmias and palpitations, track known arrhythmias and irregular heartbeats, and unlock deeper insights about your heart health through human technician monitoring.

Same-day delivery on unlimited ECG interpretations means getting continual information and peace of mind before the next available doctor’s appointment.

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Get unlimited ECG reviews for $99.99/year! Offer ends March 5th.

Get unlimited ECG reviews for $99.99/year! Offer ends March 5th.

Get unlimited ECG reviews for $99.99/year! Offer ends March 5th.

Interpret My ECG Now

Join 40,000+ heart heroes signed-up with QALY

Send ECGs from Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch, Fitbit Sense, Fitbit Charge 5, Withings Move ECG, Withings Scanwatch, Kardia, Wellue, or any other ECG device ❤️

Download Qaly ECG Reader from the App StoreDownload Qaly ECG Reader from the Play Store
Amazing comfort for any one struggling with heart issues.
Best peace of mind for your ❤
Extremely grateful for the person who reviewed my ECG.
To the pros reading my ECGs, thank you!
Life changing!
I looked for an app that uses real technicians, and not an algorithm to read my ECGs. Luckily, QALY was there at the right time for me.

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