How Judy Monitors Palpitations and Irregular Heartbeats from Her Apple Watch ECG

Judy experience with QALY - getting peace of mind

Key Takeaways

How has the QALY app been useful to you?

QALY has taken the mystery out of reading my ECG strips. It has made me less anxious, and I’m not so fearful anymore. I’m not running to the ER, or to my cardiologist so quickly, or to urgent care.

How do you use QALY?

What happens is that, if I feel something weird – and I’m always feeling something weird with these arrhythmias – I take the QALY report and send it to my doctors. My doctors have been really impressed about how much knowledge I’m gaining from the QALY app, because it really takes the time with live technicians to figure out my ECG recordings, as well as teaching me what I’m reading in my ECG reports. I call this “ECG strip reading for dummies!”

What do you love about QALY?

What I really love about this company – besides that they’ve changed my life for the better – is that, if I have a suggestion for an idea or an improvement, they implement it. I have never found developers from an app as conscientious as this team is. They’re interested not only in the product itself. They’re interested in in helping the patient, and in educating the person who is sending the strips so that we are not upset all the time.

This is a fabulous app, with fabulous developers. I wish them all the best moving forward, and I see much success for them. And I thank them again for all their help.

Get second opinions of your ECGs on the QALY app!

Get second opinions of your ECGs on the QALY app!

Heart Feels Off? Get Your ECGs Analyzed by Experts on the QALY App.

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