What Does High Heart Rate Mean on a Samsung Watch ECG?

Samsung ECG - High heart rate

Key Takeaways

  • A high heart rate result on a Samsung watch will come back inconclusive in the ECG app.
  • Human experts on QALY will review your Samsung ECGs and explain them to you.

Regardless of your medical knowledge and experience, most people know you don't want a high heart rate. This means that your heart is beating faster than it should, which could be worrisome if you don't know why it's happening.

If you recently performed an ECG test on your Samsung watch and got a high heart rate result, don’t panic. In most cases, there's no need for concern with an elevated heart rate. Instead, try reading the wavelength results of your ECG. Your ECG waveform holds some of the clues to knowing why your heart rate is high.

What Does High Heart Rate Mean on a Samsung ECG?

Anytime your heart rate is higher than 120, your Samsung watch ECG will say Inconclusive: High Heart Rate as a result. It won't tell you why your heart is beating too fast, only that it is. It will be up to you to find the missing pieces of the puzzle.

It's important to realize that your Samsung watch ECG isn't perfect. While it's a testament to the abilities of modern technology, it has limitations compared to what an ECG at a doctor's office would tell you. For example, your Samsung ECG feature is only designed to:

  • Tell you how fast your heart is beating.
  • Tell you the rhythm and pattern of your heartbeat.
  • Tell you if you have Afib when your heartbeat is between 50 and 120 bpm.
  • Tell you if you have a normal sinus rhythm.

Here's what your Samsung ECG can't tell you:

  • If you have Afib when your heart rate is higher than 120 or lower than 50
  • If you have some other heart arrhythmia
  • Why you're getting a high heart rate result

Should You Be Worried If Your Samsung ECG Indicates High Heart Rate?

Here are some of the most common reasons for an elevated heart rate that shouldn’t be a cause for concern.

  • You recently went for a run or worked out
  • You recently drank coffee or an energy drink
  • You're dehydrated or don't have enough electrolytes in your system

However, while there are reasons not to worry about a high heart rate, a few could be causes for concern.

  • You might have a heart arrhythmia.
  • You might be experiencing Afib
  • You have an undiagnosed infection
  • You have an unknown heart condition or disease

What Should You Do Next?

Before deciding what to do next, take stock of how you're feeling, and of your recent activities. If you can attribute high heart rate to any of the non-worrisome things listed above, give your heart time to calm down and perform a second ECG test.

However, if you can't easily explain away your high heart rate result, there could be cause for concern. An increased heart rate is linked to many conditions and diseases, including strokes, heart attacks, Afib, sudden cardiac arrest, and more. If you have a high heart rate along with any of these symptoms, you should call 911 or contact your doctor immediately.

  • Chest pain
  • Chest tightness
  • Dizziness or lightheadedness
  • Sweating for no reason
  • A pounding or fluttering in your chest
  • Pain or weakness in other parts of your body
  • Numbness in your arm

How Can QALY Help With a High Heart Rate Reading?

Whether you can explain it or not, a high heart rate result on your Samsung ECG is unsettling. Unless you know how to read an ECG, you might not be able to determine the exact reason for the result. However, sending your Samsung watch ECG report to QALY can give you answers and peace of mind from human experts within minutes.


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Get second opinions of your ECGs on the QALY app!

Get second opinions of your ECGs on the QALY app!

Get second opinions of your ECGs by human experts on the QALY app!

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