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Export Your ECG from Fitbit

Expert ECG from Fitbit

Key Takeaways

Export Your ECG from Fitbit

1. Open Discovery tab

Fitbit export ECG - step 1

2. Click on "See all" next to Assessments & Reports

Fitbit export ECG - step 2

3. Click on the "Heart Rhythm Assessment" card

Export your ECG from Fitbit - step 3

4. Select ECG that you want to export

Export ECG from Fitbit - step 4

5. Scroll down to the export button

Export ECG from Fitbit - step 5

6. Wait a few minutes for your report. Click download pdf when the report is ready

Export ECG from Fitbit - step 6

8. Select "Save to Files" from the list of options

Export ECG from Fitbit - step 7

9. Save your report!

Export ECG from Fitbit - step 8

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